Contributing to Traceur FabMob code

Traceur Fabmob is a fork of e-mission, we enhance or add features to the software.
The current list of enhancements planned is described in this issue list.
This report (in French) of the developments done by Loïc Mayol from June to August 2019 is particularly useful for understanding the details of the Limesurvey, internationalisation and Profile+Dashboard screens enhancements.

GIT process

In each of our repo, there at least 2 branches, the master branch and the e-mission-contrib branch (i.e. for e-mission-phone-fabmob, e-mission-server-fabmob, e-mission-translate, e-mission-docs):

  • the updates specific to our FabMob app (and thus do not concern Berkeley's e-mission) are merged on the master branch (e.g. for the page you are reading now which is a file in the e-mission-docs repo);
  • the corrections or enhancements proposed as contributions to the e-mission project should be pushed on the e-mission-contrib branch. We then make a pull request in the appropriate e-mission repo, which Shankari will validate and eventually update e-mission master branch with the contrib. We can then pull the updates of e-mission master back to our fabmob master branch.

Enhancement "studies"

Among these enhancement, some are not immediate to implement, so we begin to look for a technical solution before trying to implement: they are tagged as "studies".

We publish here the results of the enhancement studies (one page for each study), when all goes smoothly, the page describes the solution found and the expected implementation difficulty, and in a second step if we decide to implement, the general documentation will be updated too.