3. Simple client changes

5 examples of common but simple client changes

e-mission UI uses the open source Ionic1 Framework, which in turn is built on the Angular1 Framework. There are multiple ionic1 and angular1 tutorials on the web, please go through them and familiarize yourself with their model-view-controller concepts. In particular, you want to get a sense of how $scope works and how it is used to display dynamic values in a HTML view. You might also want to read up on how to use CSS to change the UI look and feel.

Here are some initial tutorials to get you started on angular1 and ionic1. For the ionic1 tutorial, if you are using the devapp, you can skip module 1 (installing ionic).

As you look for your own tutorials, make sure they are using version 1 of the UI frameworks. We do not support the most recent version of the frameworks due to lack of porting resources. If you would like to port the UI from ionic1 to the most recent ionic, please let me know.

  1. Change summary and consent
  2. Remove a tab
  3. Change the trip end prompt